Thursday, August 21, 2014

Intolerable crimes: Muslims in Bangladesh break into convent and assault the nuns.

The new reign of terror ... spreading globally.
Asianews reported that during the assault, three PIME nuns suffered attempted rape and they were sent to their provincial house in Dhaka, the national capital where they are trying to overcome the shock and mental suffering.
“It’s very sad that the sisters cannot continue to work for the people, but our sisters are no longer safe,” lamented Rosaline Costa, a Catholic human rights activist.
“I have lodged strong complaints over the attack on these religious sisters,” she told Asianews. “If the Church is not safe nobody will go to the seminary or formation house to become priest or nun. It is a challenge for Church,” she added and called for stringent punishment to the attackers.
Local Christians live in fear since the attack. The attackers, all Muslims, were looking for land deeds and valuables. It is not the first time they have tried to steal them the land documents, local people said.
The attack began at 2 am on July 6. The attackers first tied the hands and legs of the mission’s two night watchmen and gagged them. They then broke down the door of the room where the assistant pastor Father Anselmo Marandy was sleeping. They raided the convent located in the mission campus. - Source

Prayer and sacrifice.

My sacrifice O God, is a contrite spirit.
A heart contrite and humbled, you will not spurn.

When prayer seems not enough, we need to add sacrifice.

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