Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's official. Pope Paul VI to be beatified October 19, 2014.

But which one?

Miraculous photo taken by a woman visiting Rome, Italy, of Pope Paul VI during a Papal audience. The shadowy figure of the Pope above him would suggest a double exposure except that other figures would thus be duplicated. Please note, only ONE right hand reflects the Papal ring.

I know!

Fashion footnote:  Notice the women are wearing scarves - not mantillas.



  1. The Holy one, of course!

  2. The shadow wears the ring! Vacant! The sedia is vacant! The shadow curia headed by the cunning manipulator Barackgoglio are utilizing V2 to solidify the Modernistic Takeover of the Church!

    Chaos! The Church is in ruins! The Marxist devils are coming to redistribute my Chinese dumplings! Help! What!

  3. Lifestyle footnote: Notice the Pope is being transported in a sedia gestatoria, carried by 12 footmen, instead of riding in the popemobile.
    Good help is so hard to find these days.

  4. @Paul Stilwell, perhaps a blog-reading diet should be in effect? I can only think of one source that would result in z sensationalistic comment you made.

  5. Man, and here I thought you had to like heal someone not affect Instagramatization. Well, standards have been all downhill since V2.


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