Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Gay people need to be more tolerant."

Newt Gingrich said that - and more.

“You guys talk about how you want to be inclusive, except of course, if somebody tweets this, then having a death threat or ‘let’s send them off to sensitivity training.’ It strikes me, that’s repression, that’s not inclusive.  [...] Shouldn’t you also be teaching people who are gay to be open and understanding of people?"  - Source

Works for me.

Yeah, but.  They'll have come backs like:  "Hey, we had to tolerate straight people forever!"   Or, "This is payback for your homophobia."

On some level reverse repression from LGBTQ politicos can be a means to enforce acceptance as well as to prevent regression to former societal and moral norms, which regard homosexuality as less than equal to heterosexuality.  LGBTQ politics are fundamentally repressive in so far as they attempt to deconstruct gender, or heteronormative identity - which entails the deconstruction of traditional marriage and family.

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  1. Some animals are more tolerant than others. It's all in the farm manual.


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