Friday, May 16, 2014

Heroic Cat Saves Young Boy.

Everyone has probably already seen this amazing cat saving her little boy from a man-eating attack dog.  This cat should be canonized.

My cat explained to me what happened.

Gabby:  Meow meowatched mewhole meowing.  Meow hiss-yeowl dognuts meow hisshissyeowlmeow (scratch, bite, spray) meoweoweow...

Oh wait - Google translation:

"I watched the video over and over and the dog is obviously trying to steal the kid's bike to sell it and get money for dog-crack (Beggin Strips).  The dog is an addict as well as a pueriphobe.  That's why he attacked the little boy.  The dog had been stalking the boy for weeks.  He took advantage of an opportunity and lunged.  The boy's cat thinks of the boy as her son and therefore went into defense mode and counter attacked - as soon as the dog was running away the cat returned to take care of the boy.  They are best friends.  The dog should be killed and the neighbors who own him sent to prison." - Gabrielle van der Mall, S.C. 

There's a movie deal in this story.


  1. That cat is a total bad ass ( Don't ever mess with a street cat!) The dog needs to be put down(it came after the mother too) and the owners need to never be allowed to own a pet again. Actually I would put them down too but I think that most people might think that is going a bit far....

    I think that cat has a dog's soul in it...(look at how much it loves that kid.) Lesson here, adopt abandoned animals.

    1. See - we think alike.

    2. Terry...that in and of itself is an occasion of sin...(you thinking like me of course..)


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