Friday, April 04, 2014

Ten Thousand Feet of Snow in Minneapolis This Morning

I just got in after removing everything.


  1. Finally, a real photo of Terry.

    1. Plowing snow really does do wonders for one's physique. ^^ Never realized how truly "buff" Terry is. ;p

  2. You removed a little too much.

  3. Wow - 10" of snow? Ugly (not you.)

    I've been outside pruning, trimming, spraying, and digging for several weeks. My tulips will be blooming soon, and the crocus are already blooming. The weeping willow is starting to turn green. Yep! I'm bragging.

  4. This gives a whole new meaning to "snow blowing":-)!

  5. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. Well done! Thanks, I needed that.; p

  6. Thank God it missed Chicago. I love snow and loved this year but this much snow this late is just plain cruel! Stay inside by the fire and drink some wine is the only way to deal with it (however, that is my solution to all of lifes problems so...)


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