Sunday, March 30, 2014

Art for Sunday

I found a wonderful painter, miniaturist, iconographer, illustrator while searching for something else.

Her name is Elena Stefarova - her work is beautiful.

"A garden enclosed, a fountain sealed." -Songs


  1. She lives here in Colorado Springs and I've seen some of her work, she is, indeed, very good. I would love to get one of her icons.

  2. I love all of her work, but her painted egg miniatures are to die for. Thank you for introducing me to her work!

  3. So lovely. Another of my favorite painters is Bradi Barth.

  4. Her art is very beautiful. Yesterday when praying the Rosary I was mentally invoking Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the Our Lady Vertograd Zakluchenny came to mind instead, and so I "invoked" her. The black Moses is wonderful too. I do have a Rosary Booklet with paintings by Bradi Barth for each Mystery and so I searched for her on the internet and "fell in love" with her art-work, as well!!... Thanks and God bless.


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