Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I saw a meteor last night!

Look at this photo I found online - the thing I saw was just like that.

I just went to bed after watching Jimmy Kimmel's Aunt Chippy getting fooled by his cousin Sal in a fake interview at her home for April Fool's day.  "Oh that Jimmy!" I thought as I laid me down to sleep.  Just then I looked out my window and I saw the fireball - a green fireball.  I jumped out of bed only to see it disappear beyond the tree tops.  I wondered if it could be a firework - but it came in at a slightly sharper angle than what is shown in the photo.  It must have been a speck since the ball and tail was as small as what is shown in the photo.  I did not hear a sound - no fireworks sounds at all - no bang.

I'm serious.  I saw it.

I wondered if it was a sign?  Part of the secret(s)?  The earthquakes - all the earthquakes.  The lights people see before earthquakes...

Watch out Los Angeles.  It's coming San Francisco.

Sorry - it's the blogs - the Catholic blogs that make me talk like that.

You'll get yours!


  1. I love meteors. Every summer we have a few nights of meteor showers. We lay outside and watch them shoot across the sky. It's a sign of impending doom - no doubt. ;-)

    1. I love the meteor showers too - but this was like it actually fell a couple of blocks away. It really looked like the photo above. (Not Aunt Chippy.)

  2. We used to love to skywatch at the Outer Banks during moonless nights. You often saw falling stars, but never so big as that. What a sight!

    1. This was not at all like the typical falling star - it seemed really close - nothing was on the news so I'm figuring it had to be some sort of fireworks.

  3. Oh Terry. It wasn't a meteor.

    It was a flaming space projectile.

    To say "meteor" implies that it is the same as other space objects, when clearly a projectile isn't. Natural law tells us that space projectiles are intrinsically disordered.

    Why do you think they're flaming?

    Be assured, God hates the motion but loves the meteor. If they would realize that flaming and projecting is outside of God's plan for space objects, they would be acceptable in space. Until that time, we must never fail to point out how flaming and projecting cries out to God.

    It's not hate to say that. It's love, in fact.

    1. I think Aunt Chippy is going to call you.


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