Friday, April 04, 2014

Sr. Jane Dominic "... at her request, is preparing to begin a sabbatical from teaching at Aquinas College."

"The Apostolic Delegate of the province telephoned to Mother Mathilde to inform her that one of her nuns had apparently gone out of the mold and was being named by name in public places.
"Your only fault, Sister," she said softly, "was in failing to tell me about this in advance... earlier, when our Delegate telephoned me to ask me why one of my nuns sought to singularize herself, I had no answer."" - The Nun's Story
I'm not saying that's what happened to Sr. Jane Dominic, and I doubt religious life operates like that any longer, but the announcement that Sister is taking a sabbatical from teaching and cancelling her other speaking engagements, certainly reminded me of The Nun's Story.

The latest news:

In an April 4 statement, the president of Aquinas College defended the school's curriculum and Sister Jane's credentials as a theologian, but acknowledged that the portion of Sister Jane's presentation of social science data about the alleged causes of same-sex attraction – which prompted many of the concerns from parents and students – was outside the scope of her academic background. 
Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith's statement reads, in full:
"The events around the recent talk by Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P. in Charlotte, NC have produced a great deal of speculation from many sides. Among the commentators, there are few who were actually present to hear the talk, which was not recorded.
"It is the firm belief of Aquinas College that all men and women are created in God's image and likeness and are made with a capacity to love and be loved. The College supports the Catholic Church's teachings which are open to the diverse needs and desires of all, which must be considered in light of eternal truths.
"We support and affirm that every man and woman, regardless of his or her state in life, deserve respect, and that the health of any culture is gauged according to the capacity of its members to uphold their own beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others. The College's patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, was known for his ability to thoughtfully consider all things and retain what is true, regardless of the source of that truth.
"We believe it is our privilege to bring the best aspects of our faith tradition to bear on the moral and cultural questions of the present age. In her presentation, Sister Jane Dominic spoke clearly on matters of faith and morals. Her deviation into realms of sociology and anthropology was beyond the scope of her expertise. Sister is a trained theologian from a Pontifical University and has the credentials to contribute to scholarly bodies of work. This she has done in the past with distinction. The unfortunate events at Charlotte Catholic High School are not representative of the quality of Sister's academic contributions or the positive influence that she has had on her students. The students at Charlotte Catholic were unprepared, as were their parents, for the topic that Sister was asked to deliver. The consequence was a complete misrepresentation of the school's intention to bring a message that would enlighten and bring freedom and peace.
"There are no words that are able to reverse the harm that has been caused by these comments. The community of Aquinas College is saddened by this extreme outcome and wishes to reiterate that this is not something the College condones or desires to create. There is division where there should be unity. The events and discussions that have transpired over the last two weeks reflect that there is something in this that surpasses an ordinary high school assembly.
"Sister Jane Dominic has cancelled her speaking engagements and, at her request, is preparing to begin a sabbatical from teaching at Aquinas College. It is our sincere hope that the community of Charlotte Catholic High School will soon begin a process of healing and renewal, and that all who have been affected by this event will be drawn into profound reconciliation as we approach this great season that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ." - Catholic News Herald

Prayers for Sr. Jane Dominic. 


  1. I have been praying for her since I first read about this.

    1. She should be banned dare she speak about what Jesus taught about homosexuality.

      We all MUST obey the laws of sodomy!!!!

      Don't you just love it when the church folds like a house of cards at any challenge to her moral teaching....This is great.....the sister says that maybe, just maybe sodomy might not be a super, happy, fun, terrific, idea and she is branded with a scarlet letter and sent packing.

      Now that "catholic" high school is free to promote homo-sex, divorce, abortion and all the fun things in's party time!

      Thank moloch for silent bishops, cowardly clergy, and catholic schools that teach the kiddies
      to bow to the whims of the culture of death. As Cardinal Dolan says, "BRAVO."

    2. One thing I will say is that for all the talk about women in the Church - that they should play a bigger role, and they should be listened to and so on - it sure did not happen in this case. Sr. Jane Dominic should have been defended by the hierarchy.

    3. Absolutely. Praying for her.

  2. I think that Sr. Jane will be just fine. She is a smart woman and I think she is taking this time to re-examine how she presents this difficult issue. I think she has discovered that a "one size fits all," lecture will not work well.

    While I don't agree with her crackpot stats, I do agree that she got thrown under the bus. I would have much more respect for them if they had said, "Look, in hindsight WE should have approached this in a different way. WE have taken this incident and learned from OUR mistake. Sr. Jane was doing what we brought her here to is OUR responsibility that we did not give her the parameters for her discussion."

    1. I just made my last comment into a post - thanks for this Mack.

    2. How are they "crackpot stats"?

      (I say this as someone in the Charlotet Diocese who knows firsthand how wonderful and courageous our priests and bishop are. Please do not blame them!)

  3. This is being handled so poorly.

    1. I can't believe it myself! Every one freaked out. Everyone.

  4. I heard her speak last fall in Fargo and absolutely loved her. From my firsthand experience what she said is pretty much true.

    1. I believe you are right. Thanks.


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