Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Noah" - Deleted Scenes

Caution: Nudity

Rock people discover Noah's plans for the ark.

Noah's other son,  Clamie Mae.

How they saved Toonces trapped in his cage.

Tried to surf onto the ark.

Shelley Winters deserved an Oscar.

They said they'd wait for the bus.

View "Noah" uncut here.


  1. Terry, only you could combine the Poseidon Adventure, Benny Hill and Passions (all things that I LOVE) in one post. Though the video was missing dirty old men chasing half dressed nurses through an upside down ballroom.

    I don't get why everyone is worried about the bible and Noah, has anyone seen Crowe rocking those guns as Noah..I didn't know the ark came with a gym.

  2. I may see the movie just out of curiosity and maybe to chuckle a bit...gonna wait til after Lent though. ;p Has anyone else read the wonderful Father Robert Barron's take on all things Noah?


  3. Yaya...thanks, I love Father Baron..he is always so...non-hysterical and intelligent and you learn something new from him, just as I did with that review!

    1. You are most welcome, Mack. After I read Fr. Barron's take on the movie, I will surely see it with keener eyes while munching on the popcorn and Hot Tamales candy. ;p

  4. Mack, he was using unicorns as weights and they went off-balance due to horns so...unicorn overboard. True story.

  5. Check out this review on Noah. It's pretty amazing and a real eye-opener! I think we all need to read the book he recommends by St. Iraneus, Against Heresies!


  6. By the way, Terry, I love the headers you put on your blog. It's such a treat to see the changes.

  7. Noah controversy to be replaced by other new controversy in...3...2...1...

    But what does Phil Robertson think of the Noah movie - hm?

    Anyways, I watched this one episode of Duck Dynasty in which the moneyed characters blow a bunch of money on quads that can go through the water and I thought to myself: how is that Christian? Shouldn't that money have gone to the poor?

    Speaking of 70's disaster films...looks like some Traditionalist sites are beginning to look like 70's disaster films, with the carefully laid-out and sustained end-of-all-things-despair. Quite melodramatic. And quite 70's. Are they stuck in the 70's?


    1. Haha! I was just thinking this morning that maybe I should be worried about something.

  8. Hmmm....wasn't there a lot of "end of times," stuff in the 70's? (perhaps all that shag carpeting and vinyl floors.) I remember in grade school there was a rumor..and I think it was going around all the Catholic schools at the time..that a woman gave birth to a demon baby, who flew around the room a few times, landed and right before it died said, "The end of the world will take place on...." I forgot the date but I think it was sometime in Spring. We took it deathly serious and we were TERRIFIED..and to add fuel to the flame we couldn't talk about it in front of the nuns or we got in big trouble (this was the waning days of nuns but they werent getting on any bus, they were locked, cocked and ready to rock with eraser missles..) so it was like a secret message system. I always wonder if that Catholic urban rumor got to others schools or if it was just our insane, Salem type group hysterics. Those sites should dig up the old devil baby story and see if it adds hits to them.


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