Friday, February 07, 2014

Leaving the Church

It makes me sad when I hear that.

I have friends who have left the Church because they were scandalized by priests and fellow Catholics.  We've been reading about people shunned by Catholics because of their mistakes.  In the past I have read good Catholics, even priests, say 'good riddance' when they hear of people leaving the Church or even excommunicated by whatever means.

That is not charity.

Pray for those who have fallen away.  Pray for those who have left.

Since I was a child, my parents and siblings ridiculed me for my piety, my devotion - they called me a hypocrite - I have prayed all my life for their salvation.  My brother, my mother and dad, all were reconciled to the Church before they died.

I have friends who think I'm crazy because I am Catholic.  I pray for them every day - and I repent if I have scandalized them.

I pray daily for my conversion and the conversion of sinners, I pray for the salvation of souls.  I pray for the fallen away - I pray for those who are away.
King David had sinned: he calls himself a 'sinner', but he never left the people of God!" "Sinner yes, but not a traitor! And this is a grace: to remain with the People of God until the end. Having the grace to die within the Church, among the People of God, and this is the first point that I would like to emphasize. For us too, to seek the grace to die at home. To die at home, in the Church. And this is a grace! This can not be bought! It is a gift from God and we have to ask for it: 'Lord, grant that I may die at home, in the Church!’ Sinners, yes, all of us, we all are! But not traitors! Not corrupt! Always within [the Church]! And the Church is such a Mother, that she wants us just as we are, often dirty, but the Church cleans us: she is our Mother.” - Pope Francis

What kind of evangelization wants to alienate people from the Church?

Calling to mind how Saint Therese of Lisieux 
experienced a voice in the final moments of her life 
telling her “don't be foolish waiting in the dark. 
You expect only the darkness of nothing!”
 The Pope noted that “the voice of the devil, of the demon…
did not want her to trust God.” - CNA


  1. i agree 100% it always makes me sad when people are applauded out of the doors. Some people (myself included) are frustrating, but I think thats part of the adventure that God puts before us. Time to merit

  2. Thank you for your beautiful post. I was just having this discussion the other day with someone and it was brought up about 666 occurring in Scripture (such symbolism). Notably it only happens in one place in the NT and that is John 6:66 when our Lord allowed the people to walk away from his teaching on the Eucharist. After Jesus taught them, he didn't stop them and tell them to come back...rather, he let them walk away once they discerned they could not partake of his body and blood.

    I love your blog always appreciate your words. Any thoughts on this?

    I understand your point though, true evangelization does nothing to open wide the doors and tell people to get out if they don't like it. These days it seems that there's not just one sheep that is lost, but the inverse is true, in that, all ninety-nine are lost and only one is found.

    1. Perhaps they returned after the crucifixion? I've often wondered what happened to them as well.

      It surely must have grieved our Lord. Perhaps he prayed especially for them in his agony in the garden - his heart moved with pity. The lone young shepherd does go in search of them however - he searches for them, one by one.

      We all have free will of course.


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