Monday, February 03, 2014

A single man.

Today's Gospel tells how Jesus healed a man who lived in the tombs.  The man had an unclean spirit - many of them.  Christ in turn commanded them to leave the man.  They went out, into the swine nearby who threw themselves into the sea and were drowned.  The witnesses and others who arrived on the scene didn't know what to make of the man once possessed, once so feared, now sitting there clothed and in his right mind.  The man wanted to remain with Jesus and to follow him, yet Jesus wouldn't permit it, telling him instead to return home to his people and tell them all that the Lord had done for him.

That's sort of like my story.


  1. A priest pointed out once how far Jesus would have had to travel in order to get territory of the Gerasenes from where He was before, and the priest emphasized that it shows how much Jesus loved that man (to travel that far).

  2. I am always very moved by this man and his story. I wander what became of him.


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