Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Obama Family didn't go to church on Christmas. So what?

A Very Glee Christmas!

The 4th Day of Christmas and people are getting bitchy again.

I live across the street from an old Lutheran church which is now a Seventh Day Adventist church.  Seventh Day Adventists, and some other Protestant denominations that do not have liturgical worship do not always celebrate Christmas.  Seventh Day Adventists do not decorate for Christmas nor do they have services on Christmas.

Obama is a Protestant and hardly ever goes to church.  My point is that many non-liturgical Protestants do not go to church on Christmas - even when their church celebrates Christmas.  And just remember, the Reagan's* rarely went to church.  Therefore all the criticism of Obama is little more than angry rants.
I think this is despicable. It also shows what is happening under the godless Obama Administration… who did not go to Church on Christmas, even though last week he (hypocritically?) said we should remember the religious dimension of Christmas.  BAH!
That was in reaction to a VA Hospital banning religious Christmas Carols.

If they tell you not to sing religious Christmas carols, sing non-religious Christmas songs -  it's Christmas.  No one is saying you can't celebrate Christmas.  Still a problem?

Then sing The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Religious people claim that is what they did in England when Christmas was suppressed.**

Anyway.  I've been in hospital situations when Carolers come through.  It's nice ... But sing something else Christmassy if those are the rules.  Don't make trouble at Christmas - it kind of cancels out the joy.

Have another drink Faddah. 

* President Reagan was the darling of the religious right, yet he never went to church, except for funerals, and regularly consulted and followed the advice of astrologers. (Source)

** Maybe not.  "In 1979, a Canadian hymnologist, Hugh D. McKellar, published an article, "How to Decode the Twelve Days of Christmas", claiming that "The Twelve Days of Christmas" lyrics were intended as a catechism song to help young Catholics learn their faith, at a time when practising Catholicism was criminalized in England (1558 until 1829). McKellar offered no evidence for his claim and subsequently admitted that the purported associations were his own invention.  The idea was further popularized by a Catholic priest, Fr. Hal Stockert, in an article he wrote in 1982 and posted online in 1995.  In 1987 and 1992, Fr. James Gilhooley, chaplain of Mount Saint Mary College of Newburgh, New York repeated these claims. None of the enumerated items would distinguish Catholics from Protestants, and so would hardly need to be secretly encoded."

The good old days!
Remember how religious the
Bob Hope Christmas Specials 
used to be?  He'd never fail to
entertain the troops
with religious sermons
and Christmas carols.


  1. Bob Hope's shows were the best! I was a kid when I watched some of those with my dear father. With all the great humor to be had and the dancing girls bouncing about...well, it never seemed like the war was all that serious. But I was a kid, what did I know?

    Reagan consulted astrologers? Wow...I could see Nancy doing that but the Gipper? The image I had of him was one of a God fearing man who had a deep faith and love of country...not astrology. Ah well...

    As always, your various posts are informative and fun. Great pictures too!

    1. I thought it was just Nancy as well - but it seems he at least followed the advice - whomever relayed it to him. I found the quote on another site and neglected to link. I think he was a very religious man.

      Oh - my crack about Bob Hope was meant to be silly - he was never religious on his shows - he simply entertained the troops.

    2. Yeah, I know but tis always fun to play along as far as Bob Hope goes. I am sure his wonderful Catholic wife, Dolores, prayed our Mr. Hope into heaven. He sure deserved it. ^^

      I had a funny thought just now, Terry. It is an amusing thought to think that our country was in the hands of some mysterious astrologer's advice especially during the "cold war" but our Lord God was not to have any of it...after all, did not Reagan form a formidable alliance with blessed JPII?

      Divine Providence at work! And now, I read that Assad has made contact with Papa Francis via some of his men who came to Rome.

      Where is Bob Hope when we need him?

    3. I've always liked the Reagans and believe he was a good man. I voted for him - enthusiastically I might add.

  2. For any President to go anywhere, it takes a large security detail, a sweep of the area, bomb sniffing dogs, securing the area, possibly canceling the earlier service, and so forth. It would be a distraction, not to mention an inconvenience, for any church or congregation. It would be far easier for a minister to quietly visit the White House.

    Bob and Delores Hope had a chapel built at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Our Lady of Hope.

    1. I was always edified by that - as Yaya says - Mrs. Hope surely got him into heaven.

    2. Him and Ronnie too! Let us hope that blessed JPII put in a good word for Reagan. ^^

  3. I sat near President Regan many times at BelAir Presbyterian Church. He was a regular along with his secret service people. He was very devoted and how it is reported that he did not attend church is beyond me.

    1. David - I think the source I found was speaking of his days in the White House. I think 'never' was overstating it - but he didn't always leave the White House for church services on Sunday. Obama just might go more often than Reagan.

  4. Protestants don't necessarily go to church on Christmas. My father's side were all southern United Methodists and they considered it quite eccentric that their Catholic daughter in law took their Catholic granddaughter to church on Christmas. Their church didn't even have a service on the day, unless it was a Sunday.

    1. Exactly! Thanks Amy.

    2. Ditto, I grew up mainstream prot, never attended church on Christmas, even when it fell on Sunday, until I was in process to The Church, so ... maybe the Catholic gripers are showing just a tiny bit of ecu-ignorance? Hard to blame them for not knowing what they don't know ...


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