Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Novena: Day 8

“'My son,' the father said, 'you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad ...'"

Everything is mine... Christ is mine.  The Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph and all the angels and saints are mine.  Mine are the heavens and all the earth and everything created, 'God himself is mine and for me, because Christ is all mine and all for me'. - John of the Cross

Nothing else matters.



  1. "Nothing else matters"

    How true and yet for so many of us, we cannot let the world go. To live the life of trust, to hope in the resurrection, to love beyond hope for Christmas and in 2014.

    Merry Christmas to you Terry and to your visitors as well!

    This is a beautiful video for Christmas:

    P.S. I read the news that Papa Francis visited Papa Emerito this evening, Rome time. They both looked so happy and so radiant...the love of Christ reigns supreme in them both. ^^

  2. dear terry,
    I sent you one of my favorite songs for partys yesterday which you did not publish and all of a sudden I have realized that it could be because of a terrible misunderstanding. I hope not. it was very difficult to explain to you why that song meant something for me, because it said 'dance whatever you want' half in English , half in Spanish . I wanted to share with you, but you did not publish it and I am imagining that you might have taken it as inappropriate or worse. I hope not, but this is what I fear now. I am so stupid.. I am not a mad person. I trust in your understanding and that you trust what I am telling you. I feel that I might have hurt you and I am terribly sorry for being so unthoughtful or stupid if that is the case. . I am not mad or bad or wanting to hurt.
    Maybe I just did not press the right bottom in the computer and that is why my comment did not come up, or maybe other reason, but please let me know somehow, that you understand me and accept my apology.
    Sorry for taking this so dramatically (maybe also inappropriate). You are right that 'nothing else matters' than God , so I will not insist.

    1. It never came through - I wonder if something happened when you hit publish or something? I never received it. Nothing to apologize for, I'm sure. God bless you!

    2. Found it! It was caught in my spam filter. Thanks for asking about it!

  3. God bless you Terry. Here's to you getting mystically hold the Infant this year ... and then blogging about it, getting interdicted, and joining blacksheepdog's new blogging portal? Okay, kidding, except for the first part.

  4. Once, in Confession, my penance was to imagine I was holding the Christ Child for Mary. There was some event related to that priest a couple of weeks ago, locally.


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