Friday, December 27, 2013

Bloggers we've lost in 2013: A look back ...

Oh - and those readers I've lost or who dropped me from their sidebar.

Nelson's List.

I will list the names and the reason why they rejected, dropped, turned on me.  I want them all to know I don't blame them.

Larry D at Ax of the Apostasy
Stopped blogging, commenting, dropped off the face of the earth.

Cathy at Recovering Dissident
Never heard from again after I accused her of conspiring to abduct me.
Fr. Mark of Downtown Meath Abbey
I think it may have been something I said.
God only knows.
Kat of Crescat Prickly Pines blog
Bad ads made her crazy and she attacked me.
I may never know.  What?
Fr. Frank
Not sure.  I think it was a photo-shoot I set up on apparitions after a storm.
Fr. Joe
Not a clue.
Random Friar
I have no idea.
Badger Catholic
Jealous.  Envious.
Adoro Te Devote
I was always wrong about something.
Just didn't like me.
Michael R.

Not black enough.
Maria B.
Just showed up in the combox.
Frank of San Francisco
Not gay enough.
Anonymous blogger(s)
Too gay. 
Bill B.
The intellectual quality of my writing has slipped.
Suburban Blogger
Unsuitable and creepy.
Kitty Bauble
Too black. 

Paul S.
Does not want to be associated with this blog.
Owen S.
Not interested.
Heather King
Not her style.
Much too illiterate for her.
Affluent Bloggers of Style
Much too low-class and homophobic. 
Blackballed. Blackballed. Blackballed.
Doesn't like my commenters.
Doesn't like the attitude.
David S.
I think I know.
Michael Bayly
He's on hiatus.
Ray M.
Doesn't want to be associated with this blog.
Puppy and Kitty
I'm just not sure.
John Corapi
He dropped everybody.
Cathy from Chicago
I'm not sure.
Hates me.
Leona Whittie
Not traditional enough.
Joan and Company
Were not happy to read about themselves on my blog.  
. . . 

The list goes on...

I was reading my archives hoping to reuse some old posts and couldn't help notice some of the commenters no longer come around.  I wonder what happened to them?  Not that I expect them to still be reading this blog, much less leave comments, I couldn't help but think about the many people I have met over the years - friendships won and lost.  I could post more names and reasons why I think they dropped me - or me them - but I don't want to get anyone upset. 

I really only did this list just for fun, not to start anything.  It could be a very funny post if I listed more sites and bloggers with the real reasons I think they had for dropping me.  Leaving well enough alone, if I left anyone out, my apologies. 
“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently …” — Steve Jobs 
So yeah - crazy people make better bloggers.

Happy Christmas!

Art: Michael Sowa


  1. I returned home after being kidnapped by the nuns on the bus. Their attempts to brainwash me did not succeed. Glad to be back at Abbey Road!

    1. And I'm so glad you are back Fr. - I really missed you.

  2. I stopped commenting about a year ago when I got my iPad. It is fickle with the combox and often freezes, leaving my finely crafted pearls of wit & wisdom stuck in the virtual mud.
    It's fine just so long as I don't have to go back and edit a typo, which I almost always have to do, before posting. But as soon as I do, it just freezes.
    So annoying. I just got fed up with having to type comments into notepad and c/p them into the combox.
    But I made an exception for this post, just to let you know that I'm still here and I still love you Terry!
    ( and yes, when I was typing this I had to add a missing comma and it happened again. So this was lovingly c/p'd from notepad. Merry Christmas!)

    1. Thanks Claire - Merry Christmas!

  3. "To all the blogs I've read before..." wasn't that a Willie Nelson song?

    1. Always hittin' the sauce, aren't you Nan.

  4. But shouldn't I appear on a list of people who've picked you up rather than on a list of people who've dropped you? It just takes some of us shy people a long time to say something.

    1. I should do a list like that. Thanks Maria!

  5. +JMJ+

    I still read your blog, Terry! It's the rabble in your combox I want to avoid. =P

  6. I give no other blog the time of day. Yours is the only one of any interest to me these days.

    I am happy to be rabble in your combox, Terry. I know I am in good company.

    Have a happy New Year!

  7. Sad to hear about Shadowlands--and she was only in her early 50s. Memento mori...

    I once quit your blog a couple years ago. I was still thin-skinned back then and didn't get your sense of humor. Therapy healed me, and now I'm back. :-) Actually, daily mass has an amazing capacity to make us whole, and put everything in order!

    1. Yes, I really miss her.

      I never knew you quit my blog - I'm glad you came back - it's an honor to know you - I mean that.

  8. Your blog is one of my more pleasant discoveries of '13.

    1. Thanks Bob - I appreciate that.

  9. I'm still here, Terry!
    I haven't gone anywhere!
    Then again, I broke my leg right before Advent, so I can't go anywhere.

    Merry Christmas, Terry!

  10. I miss Joy, of "Little Way" very much, but I certainly understand why she isn't blogging anymore.

    1. I miss her too - she comments still.

  11. this is brilliant, Terry ... tricky way of collecting testimonials for that advertising side bar ur planning in 2014!

    Merry Christmas, Terry. I do recall when u started blogging and meeting u on other sites. There have been many Catholic bloggers who have been called home over these years. My list of blogs I visit has grown extremely shorter, down to about three, w/exception to reference sites I need now and then. But yours is enjoyable w/morning coffee.

    Happy New Year, too

    1. Haha! It is a tricky way of getting hugs - I'm so needy!

      Merry Christmas!

  12. I'm nobody lurker, but I love your blog. Your sense of humor is subtle yet sharp. You spend so much time on gay issues, which is not my particular thing, but it's your blog after all ... so ... yeah, I enjoy your unique POV on it all, gay or not.

    1. Sorry about all the gay posts - it's just such a big issue these days. Thanks for hanging around!

  13. awww, I didn't know Shadowlands died...may she rest in peace.

    I know I don't comment much, but I read you at least a couple times a week, and "catch up" on old posts. Yours is one of only two or three I still read. Merry Christmas, Terry!

    1. Thanks much Gette! Merry Christmas - still!

  14. Psssssssssssssst.........Terry, I'm still here....reading your blog regularly.

    1. And I'm so grateful - Thanks Fr.!

  15. I must have been "too traditional" too. But I don't mind. I understand my blog isn't everyone's thing!

  16. Cheeky Monkey! :) Praying for you constantly ...

    1. I was just worried because I had not heard from you.

  17. Hi Terry, I've only just discovered your blog - thanks to Jackie Parkes - and find it so refreshing to have a Catholic blog that isn't obsessed with politics but actually encourages me in my faith.

    Hope you don't mind - have linked your blog to mine. :-)

    1. Thank you! Jackie introduced me to your blog as well. I will link.

      Happy Christmas!

  18. And here I thought we kissed and made up.

    1. We did my Angel, I was just trying to get your attention.

      Big hug and wet sloppy kiss.

  19. Thanks Julie and Terry. One day I might dig the blog out of mothballs.

  20. I read very few Catholic blogs now. You and Mark Shea, and there are a few others I follow on FB. But I'm SO glad you didn't quit in 2012!

    All in all, I think it's a good thing that Google Reader is no longer with us. Sure, I've found other ways to waste my time, but at least I don't pretend it's "religious"!

    And by the way, I've decided I might start writing on my (non-religious) blog again, rather than composing long e-mails to friends born of scrupulosity!

  21. Attitude?.attitude?I LOVE a guy with attitude..its so much fun to tame their shrew : )

    Just busy with holidays and family and people staying at our house (if I never do another load of laundry) and being woken up as 20 somethings "quietly," coming home at 4:30 in the morning...(and there is nothing good going on at 4 in the morning and believe me I of all people should know that..)

    I came here for info on Ivy and your blog became my "Catholic," guilty pleasure when I can get to it...I am sure you will be linking to some crackpot SSA theory or another soon that I can't keep my annoying big mouth shut about...: )

    Keep up the good work and the tude Terry...and have a Happy New Year!


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