Friday, December 13, 2013

St. Lucy

Light the candles ...
it's today.

In Scandinavia they wear a crown of candles ... the name Lucy derives from 'lux' meaning light.

"Christ isn't really talking about plucking out our our eyes, we think - and then we happen upon St. Lucy." - Heather King

Pray for us St. Lucy, that we may see.


  1. Some months ago I had a strange experience at mass when the priest invoked "Lucia" during the canon (it was a Novus Ordo mass in Latin during the William Byrd festival). I took from the experience that we'll be having another baby girl and that she'll be named Lucia. My wife and I are now in our 40s and so it's more difficult to conceive and carry a baby to term... Santa Lucia, ora pro nobis!

    1. May your experience bring you greater joy! I will be praying too!

      Bon Natale to you and yours and to all of Terry's readers!

      Here is something quite sweet which makes me smile to see the lights go up in honor of the Royal birth and to ask Santa Lucia to pray for an ever more radiant light to come forth from the Church!

    2. Opps! Here's the link! Enjoy!

      Vatican Christmas Tree lights up St. Peter\'s Square

  2. Christ doesn't really think that others will hate His followers the way they hated him - and then...


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