Sunday, December 08, 2013

Modern miracles of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

I told you he is still active in the Church and the world, didn't I?
In the province of Tambov a family bought an old abandoned home. Furthermore, the building was deserted and an old door was thrown under the shed.

On a rainy day the daughter went out to the garden and saw an icon above the door. Having venerated it she went home happy saying: "There was a miracle! St. Nicholas the Wonderworker appeared!" - Finish reading here.
Eighteen more stories here.

Who knows?  This Sunday many churches will probably host a special visit from St. Nicholas.  I just found out St. Peter's in Richfield is hosting a pancake breakfast with the Saint tomorrow morning.


  1. I started asking St. Nicholas to help me with my prayers for the sake of my family members.
    I want to believe that he will help me in growing strong in order to keep the faith and avoid the temptation of despair and hopelessness when I see certain family acting as if nothing matters. I hope and look forward to St. Nicholas proving me wrong.

    Thanks again Terry for sharing all you can about him. I am going to also ask him to look after dear Papa Francis.

  2. Speaking of the Saint, awesome post by Fr. Blake on Nicholas, Arian, Pelagianism, etc...

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Did you have pancakes with the saint today?

    1. No. St. Nicholas doesn't come to visit me anymore - he come for the others. I have to wait to see him.


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