Friday, December 20, 2013

Bunch of heretics trying to destroy Christmas...

"You're not a failure George - you're an alcoholic."

Oh man!  Another 'Angelologist' claims angels have no wings...
Angels do not have wings or look like cherubs,” he said.
Angels exist but do not have wings and are more like shards of light, at least according to a top Catholic Church “angelologist” who says the heavenly beings are now back in vogue thanks to New Age religions. 
“I think there is a re-discovery of angels in Christianity,” Father Renzo Lavatori told AFP on the sidelines of a conference on angels in a lavishly-frescoed Renaissance palace in Rome. 
“You do not see angels so much as feel their presence,” said Lavatori, adding: “They are a bit like sunlight that refracts on you through a crystal vase.” - Source
Fine.  I'll accept the no cherub thing - because everyone knows cherubs are putti - little unbaptized kids from Limbo - but I gotta call his bluff about angel wings.  Remember Clarence?  The angel in "It's A Wonderful Life"  - he got his after helping George Baily get his bank back.


Tune into Duck Dynasty and find out what's wrong with these people.

I have to go to the bathroom ... Lavatori.

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  1. I love Clarence! He's the ideal angel in my spirit of Christmas opinion! ^^ Can't imagine him without his wings let alone my precious Guardian angelito!

    Oh! Off topic but look who sent out his Christmas cards!

    All the angels on his Christmas cards have those lovely wings too! Hooray!


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