Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Novena for Christmas: Day 3

Dream of St Joseph – Francisco Rizi 1665

Do not be afraid...

"Joseph wanted to leave Mary not because he was suspicious but because, out of humility, he was afraid to live beside such great sanctity. That is why the angel told him, `Do not be afraid'." - St. Thomas Aquinas

O chaste spouse of most holy Mary, glorious St. Joseph: the trouble and anguish in your heart were great when you were perplexed over sending away your immaculate spouse; yet your joy was immense when the mystery of the Incarnation was revealed to you by the angel. By this sorrow and this joy we ask you to comfort our souls, now and in the sorrows of our final hour, with the joy of a good life and a holy death like your own in the company of Jesus and Mary.

Holy father St. Joseph, be to us a protector and guide and keep us from all that can separate us from the love of God and neighbor.  Share with us your charity in loving Jesus and Mary, and let us in turn show it to our brothers and sisters.  As you were so eager to protect the Blessed Mary from shame, teach us to do likewise for those we encounter on our way to the feast.  As you welcomed the Holy Virgin into your home, and received the Infant Jesus close to your heart, so make us eager to receive his peace and love in every Holy Communion, as well as in every encounter with those we come into contact with each and every day.

Present our petitions, our needs, to the Divine Infant - ask Him to grant us every grace, especially that grace He so ardently desires to give us, even though we may not know to ask for it.

Thank you Blessed Joseph.


  1. I learned from Santa Theresa de Avila that wonderful St. Joseph is to be trusted in all things! I remember her saying:
    "In all things, go to St. Joseph!"

    A group of Nuns who settled somewhere in the Midwest were quoted as saying:
    "St. Joseph is the one to go to for

    I read about them years ago and have not forgotten that sage piece of advice.

    Gracias, San Jose!

  2. This is a beautiful novena!! Where do you get these prayers, Terry?? Thanks for pointing-out what those nuns in the Midwest said about St. Joseph (to go to St. Joseph) for friends, funds, food, Yaya. It sounds like very basic-needs that we all need help with, especially in these "hard times", you know? Almost Christmas here, a very merry Christmas Season to you Terry and to ALL your readers who frequent here..


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