Friday, December 20, 2013

I finished my Christmas cards

Angels Decorate*

The ones I made, I should say.

I still have to send out cards.  I've lost track of time I guess.

Each year I pretend I have to create things for the Christmas season, and once again this year, I worked on Christmas cards as if I they were to be published or sold.  The cards I send are real Christmas cards - not my doodles.  Mine are just for fun and provide something to update my art blog with.

More Christmas card samples here.

*too big for the scanner and it's crooked.


  1. Charming painting, Terry.

    I lost my window of opportunity for sending out my cards. Soooooooooooooo - I'm planning for after Christmas little notes - or something.

    1. Thanks - I lost my window of opportunity as well - but better late than never. I think we are rare these days - not many people send cards any longer. I love Christmas cards. The very first ones I ever sent were drawings from Santa Fe - not unlike one the cards I posted on my art blog.

      I love Christmas - don't you? Oh! My cat has her birthday in the Christmas season too.

    2. Terry what is the symbolism (if any) of the bare trunk of the evergreen tree? I've always sent Christmas cards. I never send very many and they are always Christmas/Epiphany Cards better late than never as you say. I love Christmas too. I guess you must be avoiding the whole "Duck thing" huh? I'm not sure I understand the uproar. The man has a right to publically state his faith.

    3. January 7. Russian Christmas. I can see Christmas from my house.

    4. Servus - it's supposed to be an Italian cypress ala Giotto.

      I never paid any attention to the Duck Dynasty hype - I don't have cable and the only reality show I ever watched was Third Rock From the Sun.

      Now that I know what the Duck guy said, I can't understand what all the fuss is about. Probably ratings.

    5. Were you drinking gin or tonic?

  2. Theis is beautiful Terry. I love receiving Christmas cards and one like this would be cherished. I hope you have a blessed Christmas! You have given me so much over the past year through your postings, for which I am so grateful. God bless you!

  3. Terry,
    I bet Papa Francis would smile wide if you were to gift him with a card. I hope to send him one. Perhaps after the holidays to wish him a blessed 2014 and in preparation for his rumored trip to the Holy Land. ^^
    I watched the last General Audience for 2013 and really found it uplifting. It was festive and affirming. To see the wonderful newly ordained Legionaires of Christ there and so excited to see their Papa made me so happy.

    Thank for sharing your gift of art with us. Your cards are lovely.


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