Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Something tells me this is the job Fr. Z wanted: Vatican Webmaster

Meet the Vatican webmaster.

Vatican Insider interviews Lucio Adrian Ruiz, Head of the Vatican Internet Service: “We’ve had to make the system ten times more powerful in the past year”

The morning after Bergoglio was elected Pope, he ran to a shop and purchased a white iPad which he immediately called “iPapapad” and was given to Francis on the morning of 16 March, at the end of the Pope’s audience with journalists. 48-year-old Mgr. Lucio Adrian Ruiz, from Santa Fe, Argentina, has been working as the head of the Vatican Internet Service since 1997. He is basically the Pope’s webmaster. He served the Congregation for the Clergy for a number of years, building the website and looking after the technical side of teleconferences – a sort of theological forum which brought together theology experts from all around the world around the same table in one morning. As of 2009 Ruiz has been Head Office of the Vatican Internet Service and telecommunications department and is in charge of the Vatican’s entire web service. - Read the story here.

Just kidding about the Fr. Z job quest - after the cruise ship chaplaincy fell through, he found success blogging for dollars.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either.



  1. Terry..interesting story..and your like Capt. Snark today! This..and the whole widows and casinos..Tabitha Lenox would be proud!

  2. "you're like Capt. Snark today! "

    I've heard that before.

  3. I think you have Fr. Z to a T.


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