Thursday, November 14, 2013

Announcing a remake of "The Nun's Story"

Everyone's favorite movie about nuns.

My cat Gabby (Gabrielle Wander-Malls) is in rehearsals to play the part of Sr. Luke and I am her coach - since I know all the lines.  We are just at the end of rehearsals at this point.  I'm doing the role of her last superior as we rehearse:

Mother Didyma:  Sister, is there nothing we can do?

Sr. Luke:  Nothing Mother.

Mother Didyma:  Sister, do you have a place to go?

Sr. Luke:  Meow.

CUT!  We have so much work to do yet!

Hopefully I can find enough Snow-shoe felines with the right markings to play the other nuns.  The role of Dr. Fortunati will be played by a Chihuahua - not the only non-feline actor however - Poodles will be cast for the African characters; the role of Mother Emmanuel will be played by a huge Norwegian Forrest cat - the only non-Snowshoe amongst the nun-cats.  So much to do before we begin shooting.

The resemblance is extraordinary!


  1. Whom have you cast as Simone?

  2. I think for some of the roles may have to be played by rabbits.

  3. I got Simone mixed up with someone else - anyway - she'll be played by a Snowshoe too.

  4. Hi, Terry! Yeah, I'd pay to see that.

  5. Maybe I could cast your Jack Russell - Sr. Luke's dad?


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