Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sayings of the Desert Mothers

"Syncletica said, 'An open treasury is quickly spent; any virtue will be lost if it is published abroad and is known about everywhere.  If you put wax in front of a fire it melts; and if you pour vain praises on the soul it goes soft and weak in seeking goodness.'"

"She also said, 'The same thing cannot at once be seed and a full grown bush.  So men with a worldly reputation cannot bear heavenly fruit.'"

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  1. That's a beautiful icon of st. Syncletica, Terry. Thanks very much for posting it. I had never heard of the "Desert Mothers" before; perhaps the closest one I have read about is St. Mary of Egypt, a very fascinating one. Of course I have read a little about the "Desert Fathers" and now learning about the Desert Mothers is a very "happy occurence". Makes it more "complete", so to speak. God bless you and ALL your readers here.


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