Thursday, October 03, 2013

Oh. My. Gosp-...

Did Fr. Z really say that the Pope may have said something negative about Medjugorje?  Did he also reveal that people he knows have suggested the former Pope wasn't too crazy about it either?

Pretty much.
Someone alerted me to a piece at the Italian site Corrispondenza Romana about something that Pope Francis said during a morning “fervorino” at Mass.
My translation:
Last Saturday 7 September during his morning meditation in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Pope Francis, speaking on the theme “there is no Christian without Jesus” criticized Christian “revelationists” and expressed his strong reservations about the supposed apparitions at Medjugorje.

The official site of the Holy See and the L’Osservatore Romano, however, purged his words of the reference to Medjugorje, confining itself to refer to them in these terms: “There is another group of Christians without Christ: those who look things that are kind of rare, a bit special, who chase after some private revelations,” whereas instead revelation was concluded with the New Testament. The Holy Father warned about the desire of such Christians to go “to the spectacle of revelation, to hear some new things”. But – and this is the exhortation that Pope directed to them – “Pick up the Gospel!”
Here’s the deal.

There isn’t an attribution here, a source, the name of the person who heard the Holy Father speak specifically about Medjugorje. - WDTPopeRS

Unverified, undocumented, hearsay.  Yet it sounds about right to me - although, as always, I await the official ruling from the proper authorities - you know, those actually charged with investigating the phenomena, those doing the report - like Vatican people.  The Vatican is still there, right?

That said, I'm thinking a lot of the more recent pre-conclave private revelations and prophecy is more or less null and void as well.  Just my guess though.

Here's the 'real' deal.  A lot of people are desperately seeking a sign.  A lot of people have returned to the Church and the sacraments.  If Medj is a deception, there is going to be a very serious pastoral need for catechesis.  If it is authentic - then it is authentic - obviously the need for catechesis will be the same.

Right now there are Roman Catholic bloggers mocking and ripping the Pope.  Traditional and 'Novus Ordo' Catholics alike.  There is a crisis of dissent in the Church.*  I think it may be a good idea to stop the rumors, the gossip, the interpretation of what is said and what seers and locutionists of all stripes imagine they hear/see or mysteriously know exactly what is being said or done.  Don't go chasing waterfalls ...

Read the Gospel, study the catechism, have faith, and with confidence and love, put into practice what you read - then ...

Pray the rosary every day. - Our Lady of Fatima.
Jesus Christ dwells amongst us, and waits for you in the Blessed Sacrament.


 *One writer calls it "The head-slapping criticism of Pope Francis."
H/T to Nankin Chow Mein Halloween


  1. I love that you quoted TLC. :D

  2. Thanks for noticing. My fav song of theirs in 'Creep'.

    1. Ah yeah. That's my favorite too.

      I have to love a group that used my initials.

  3. "Right now there are Roman Catholic bloggers mocking and ripping the Pope. Traditional and 'Novus Ordo' Catholics alike. There is a crisis of dissent in the Church.* I think it may be a good idea to stop the rumors, the gossip, the interpretation of what is said."

    Was it always this bad? Where is the fruit of our labor? Where is the fruit that JPII and Benedict planted in us by their witness that we now use it to attack Papa Francis?
    I cannot see it! I do not sense it! Is there no mercy for the one who is asking us to be merciful? Has he decided to be crucified while preaching Christ Crucified? Papa Francis can't win it seems.

    But when I tell you what, when I see the masses out there, in St. Peter's square, cheering him on, blowing him kisses, asking him for his blessing. When I see them joyful, excited, crying, moved, lifted up, just by his glance, just by touching the hem of his garment...I know, I know that much like it was with our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, it is the same today...the little ones, the forgotten ones, the abandoned ones, they, will see what we fail to see...
    the kingdom of God.

    The devil has been gaining more ground of late and we no one to blame but ourselves since we are just too comfortable, complacent, and bitter.

    I am tired today...tired of all the negative vibes and bs and rancor towards a holy man who was called to take up his cross, to abandon his way of life, to give up his home, to leave family, friends, his beloved newspaper.

    I had a good cry the other day as I see the rancor does not cease and may not cease but I am praying and hoping regardless of the naysayers for this holy man of God who is now walking in beloved Peter's sandals.

    I am going to watch Anthony Quinn's movie sometime over the weekend...the great classic, "The Shoes of a Fisherman"

    Thank you Terry for allowing me to get some steam off my chest...I plan to take a break...I need it. God bless you

    P.S. I support your disclaimer! Stay strong and stay faithful for the Lord will never disappoint! Never!

  4. "when I see the masses out there, in St. Peter's square, cheering him on, blowing him kisses, asking him for his blessing."

    Yaya - isn't that the truth?! Yesterday I read that 60 thousand were gathered for the Wednesday audience - I don't know if it is a typo, but the square was filled! He is drawing the masses. I can't wait until tomorrow to see what happens at Assisi.

    Don't be discouraged! I'm off to adoration and will pray for you too.

  5. It's always worth remembering that the crowds that were shouting "Hosanna" to Jesus at the beginning of the week were shouting "Crucify him" to him at the end. If it happened to our Lord, we shouldn't probably be surprised it's happening to His Vicar as well.

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts, Terry.

  6. “The Vatican is still there, right?”

    Right indeed! :)

    Hence the visit of parish representatives (including parish priest) to meet with Francis next week....

    Hence the OFFICIAL invitation for Medjugorje to be represented at the Marian Day of Prayer in Rome on Saturday 12 October.

    Oh yes, the Vatican is still there! :)

    I can’t believe that so many bloggers have fed on and regurgitated a story that has no meat. It’s not even a scrap, a morsel... just gossip – and we know what Pope Francis thinks of that!

  7. @ bg, agreed. But not surprised as gossip has been the norm for almost two weeks now.

    @Nancy, yes, I do remember what happened that fateful Palm Sunday. I sensed it happening again and had to cry about it. I felt better and more resigned to do the best I can to support and defend our Papa. Of course, it begins with my own personal ongoing conversion and then the Lord can do as he wills with the rest of my feeble self. I just gotta step aside and stop blocking him. ^^

    @Terry, your prayers are much appreciated. Thank you. I always try to watch the Holy Father's Wednesday audiences on Youtube. They are wonderful and uplifting. The people in attendance give a joyful witness and it does me good to see that.

    Thanks again! See you in Assis!

  8. I almost topic and you can delete afterwards Terry but I found this wonderful channel on Youtube and want to share it with all your readers. Wonderful little stories about folks living their lives in the real world. ^^)

    Name of the channel is storycorps. Here's a sample:

  9. bg - believe me when I tell you I had you care-fully on my mind when I posted this. God love you!

  10. Thought I should share this... :)

    Maybe I should send him a large print of the original. :)

  11. bg - You should do so - he may reply! i'm anxiously awaiting what he will say about Medjugorje - he's sure to say something.


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