Thursday, October 03, 2013

And! And! Tomorrow: ASSISI!

"... I want to talk about how the Church should undress and somehow repeat that gesture Francis made and the values inherent in this gesture.” - Papa Francesco

I can't wait to hear what the Pope has to say.

Francis, rebuild my Church.


  1. you might be the only one wanting to hear more words from the Holy Father...j/k

  2. I am second in line after Terry, to incline my ears to listen and to ponder and to give thanks. I read the Vatican news website...all are ready and waiting. I am too. ^^

    If i have to stay up late to watch it live, I just might.

  3. Pope Francis arrives at the Sport Pitch of the Serafico Institute of Assisi and then meets the sick and disabled children assisted at the Institute.

    Watching live now on Vatican Radio on Youtube. he is walking among the children and disabled adults greeting them and greeting their caregivers. Very touching. ^^


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