Monday, September 30, 2013

Veiling in the West...

Catholic fundamentalist children.
A clear case of child neglect here.
The lace veils are flammable and the children
 are shown here playing with fire.

Fundamentalist, pre-Vatican II, reactionary Catholic women have voluntarily taken the veil... I know!  Story here.

It isn't sharia - No!  These women make the claim they want to cover their heads... in deference-submission to their husbands, no doubt.  What?

Oh well.  As the Pope would say, "Who am I to judge?  I've never been a right winger." 

As a public service, and for your Monday viewing pleasure, I will post some veiling alternatives which at the very least may be more fashionable, if not acceptable for the Western woman with bad, un-styled hair.

The ever fashionable turban.
The veiled hat - right from the farm to church!
Pre-fascinator-style hat with veil.  Right from the office to church.
The bad hair day look.
Tie the scarf instead of wearing it like a veil.
Dad can wear a scarf too - when mom's not.
But if you must - this really does look lovely.
Pray for Dolce and Gabbana.


  1. LOL. The funniest of the posts re "veiling", however, was the one where the blogger insisted her hair was so beautiful she had to "veil" so as not to send other women's husbands into fits of unbridled lust at Mass...

    Seriously, I often wonder if some of these people own mirrors. Not blogs. Actual mirrors.

  2. Mind the pendulum swing on your way out. ;-)

  3. Sorry ment to say old! But it was a bold choice a black purse with red!

  4. I love the Catholic Amish. They make good peanut brittle.

    Wait ...


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