Friday, October 04, 2013

Now, some good news: The Pope in Assisi.

There is so much - but I thought this was sweet:
“Marriage is a real vocation,” the Pope explains, “just like priesthood and religious life.”
The Pope recalls that the mother of a man in his 30s asked him what she could do to encourage her son to get married. “Stop ironing his shirts,” he replied. 
He says that celibacy is not a negative decision, but a great “yes” to God. - Pope Francis to young people massed outside the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels.

"Stop ironing his shirts."  That's funny. 


  1. So true! Yet so typical of mama who are either Latin or Jewish or just plain loving their sons too much! Funny and so sweet and so direct, that's Papa Francis!

    I have four brothers and all are over 40 and all are cooked for, waited on (with much love) and well...that's my mom. My maternal grandmother was the same way. ^^ Two brothers are married and still, my mom loves to cook for them. She stops at ironing their shirts though.

    God bless mamas everywhere!

    I watched live until 02:00 the visit to Assisi. Thousands came from all over the world. I will watch the rest of the Mass and other visits later.

    Have a wonderful St. Francis Day, Terry and a restful weekend. God bless you!

  2. Well, I guess I've been encouraging my sons to marry starting really young, then.

    And if my poor husband got married with the hopes of having somebody to iron his shirts, he's been sorely disappointed. LOL Especially since I've invested in the most amazing invention of all time---a dryer with a steam cycle for de-wrinkling.

    PF certainly does seem to have a good sense of humor.


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