Thursday, October 31, 2013

NSA spied on the Vatican? What did they find out?

"Can you hear me now, Cha-Cha?"
Oh, oh.

Although Fr. Lombardi said, "It maka no diff - we gotta no-thin' to hide-a!"

How could he say that?

I don't know.

Anyway - reports are that NSA monitored communications during the time period leading up to the conclave!  I know!  Story here.

So what did they find out?

The Pope is Catholic, that's what.

Contrary to everything traditional-liturgists have been saying.

I suppose now people will try to say the conclave was fixed by Modernists and Communists, Freemasons and the gays. 



  1. With all due respect, if Fr. Lombardi called me, I would never tell anyone. I think he's a handsome fellow with wonderful charm and Italian finesse. I have a crush on him.

    That's not a bad thing, right?

    I agree though, all the snooping and eavesdropping is just gonna confirm what we have known all along...Papa Francesco is a son of the Church and he and Papa Emerito get together quite often like a father to a son, who has inherited the riches of God's kingdom on earth, the Catholic Church. ^^

  2. What did they find out -- oh maybe something about:

    Roberto Calvi?
    The Vatican Bank?
    Paul Marcinkus?

  3. Maybe they learned the secret to keeping the white cassock white?

    It's Calgon.


  4. The NSA allegedly spied on everyone (? - it's someone new everyday). Terry, I'm sure you've been tapped for years. Why? Because you're there. I guess.

    You and those 30 million Spanish citizens.

    Oh man. It is a crazy world.


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