Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween special: Creepy Catholic stuff ...

Scaring  the hell out of people for 2000 years!
Protest Halloween. 

I know!

We started it.

Crap - we invented it.





  1. Mother angelica in an old Rerun today surrounded by children in saints costumes was expounding on 'pagan' halloween... and I thought well its our own invention. I like the parade of scary Catholic images. However, I have a deep devotion to Therese Neumann. I've visited her grave and home a few times. Interestingly, l asked her niece wether they were afraid or horrified beding witness to her Friday passion ecstacies and she told me not at all which surprised me.

  2. What, no Bernardin photo? You know the one.

    Also, please add a screen-grab of the priests from "The Exorcist". And spooky Malachi Martin, too please!

  3. too funny...thanks for the uplift

  4. Yay! We invented Halloween!
    We invented all the major chocolate feast days...Halloween, Valentine's, Easter...
    You forgot this lovely site, although maybe it would be better for All Saints or Souls:

  5. No collection of scary Catholic photos would be complete without reference to the "Bone Church" in Rome:

  6. Servus - no disrespect intended to Therese Newman - I used the photo because photos of the stigmatics just look scary to some people.

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I was okay until I saw Sr. Patricia!

  8. Thanks for the reminder Michael - I added them to the post after this one.

  9. Pat - Sr. P has that effect on people.

  10. Well Terry, actually we didn't invent Halloween as much as co-oped it. The Celts really started the whole thing as a big party to appease and honor the dead (if your idea of a party is sacrifice..) There is talk that some witches hanging out in the woods in Germany had a hand in it, honoring the dead again..who knows if that is a lesbian feminist revision and trying to take credit for about the best holiday ever..but its really the good old Romans and their ceaseless hunger for conquest who spread it all over the place as once again a celebration to honor and appease the dead. That's where we come in and wisely took over the holiday instead of discarding it, cause as I said, it about the best holiday EVER.

    Creepy pictures Terry and I HOPE your not trying to say that Old Milwaukee is a scary beer to drink...that got me through college and my early 20's.

    Stay safe out there and remember all, take your crucifix's, stakes, bats, hammers, swords, and cross bows...those zombies and the rest of the living dead arent going to kill themselves people!

    1. Some of us Mexicans like to mix our Catholicism with ancient, good ol' fashion Aztec and Mayan mystical serpent god worship. I don't like it because I think it dangerous and yet, El Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated big time way down south in the oldest regions de Mexico. In the north, folks are less superstitious but you will still find them mixing it up.

      Here, in L.A. many folks go all out and sell bread and cakes and candies in the shape of skeletons and the like. I am glad my family never steered us kids in that direction.

      Now, in good fun, as that is how I see it all and take nothing serious except what our beloved Church has taught us, here is wonderful video in honor of "The Day of the Dead" Mexican style:

      I have others but then Terry will accuse me of gracias but here's Sister Anne's take on All Hallows' Eve:

  11. Well, Mack, the neo-pagans try to revise history! They say that about Christmas and Easter too so take it with a grain of salt. They also claim that dying easter eggs is a pagan tradition when everyone knows it's based on Mary Magdalene saying "Christ is Risen" to Pontius Pilate, who said "if that's true this egg will turn red." It did, which is why the Orthodox dye eggs red for Easter.

  12. This is phenomenal.

  13. Oh Terence, you and that sense of humor of yours!

    Perchance, do you know what's going on with LarryD and his blog? He's not returning my calls...

  14. I have a mild case of PTSD after this post.

  15. Hi Sr. Patricia. I was told that Larry has been admitted to a sanitorium.

  16. Hey Sister Pat, don't let Terry fool you, Larry D has been catching up on his bar-hopping.



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