Saturday, November 02, 2013

Catholic Paparazzi

"I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it.”

Fashion watch...

The Pope said Mass backwards - facing the wall - back to the people - ad orientem.* "The only alternative was to put on the polyester vestment and celebrate as the architecture required."

The Pope has a new ferula - a cross with Christ risen from the tomb - in 'bling' - sent by a company whose business practices are - I'm not sure.  It's a Resurrexifix.

The Pope wore polyester.  Vestments.  Were.  Polyester.  "Appalling rearrangement..."

There is a tone emerging.

Not just emerging - but in your face - loud and clear - it never went away.

Triumphalist snark.  It's just getting louder. 

The fashion-decorum commentary reminds me of a story.  Several years ago, I once used a cigarette lighter to light the candles for adoration and a very snooty cleric gave me a really dirty look and told the priest-celebrant what I did.  Clerics with attitude.

Song for this post... i'm watching you ... here.

PS:  I got a great email from a friend about blogs, bloggers, and blogwatchers:

I don't care if to care if Pope Francis says mass forwards, backwards, wearing silk or polyester.

Too busy.

I don't care either.  Really.

*No Chinese lady - not facing China.

"Is everyone lit?"



  1. Good job we've got you - Catholics take themselves far too seriously!

    1. Agreed...too busy nit picking and wasting time getting distracted. So many are in need of our prayers like right now!

      In my opinion, our Holy Father is just fine as he is. He is being true to himself and above all, to Christ. He celebrates Mass with great reverence and respect. I see that every time I have watched any of the Papal Masses.

      What matters to me is the beauty of his faith. His love for Christ, Mary, and for God's people...but well, he just can't win with the "liturgical experts" except in the eyes of those who are truly listening and grateful for his witness to Christ and love of neighbor.

      Let's keep praying for our Holy Father and for all of God's people the world over.

  2. Wait. Isn't China East?

  3. “Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. And, I suppose I should add, it is traditionalism that gives tradition such a bad name.” --Jaroslav Jan Pelikan

  4. Yes - but it doesn't mean he was facing China - if that was the case, he'd be ad Asia - because the other is racist.

    What? I'm sick - I've been drinking screwdrivers all night.

    1. How are you doing on the halloween candy?

  5. can snark about what Fr. Dwight Longenecker wears, but saying the Pope wears polyester is triumphalistic?

    1. I think it's self-referentialism. There is so much confusion even in the Church, there has been for years. It is a temptation to resort to factions or to hang on to the cult of one personality or another. It stems, I believe, from a loss of deeper focus on Christ. Why would we otherwise be counseled not to trust in princes and not to call any man father?

  6. That is one hideous ferula.


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