Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whatever... Priest gives Pope an old car...

So what? 

The Pope should probably refuse the car.  Don't accept gifts Holy Father - give the car to the poor instead. 
God therefore warned us through Moses: 'Do not receive gifts that blind even the prudent.' [Ex. 23:8]

The Pope wants old convents for refugees.  Good idea. 

He may not own them though.

Here's the deal: the Pope lives in Vatican City.  There are cars and limos and sedan chairs and toilets and showers and dining halls and lots of space in the Vatican.  He doesn't own it. 

What's all this fuss about?  All of the time?  What is this feigned austerity about?  The Pope is not homeless or starving.  There are bigger cars in the garage - right? 

Don't make such a big deal about this stuff then. 

I'm trying not to pay much attention to these stories which keep popping up.

These stories distort the papacy and the Church. 

So, if the Pope called me today, I would say:  "Give away every gift you personally receive Holy Father, and just be Pope."

Here's what I think:  Passive aggressive, ambiguous sentiment doesn't work - issue definitive policy statements and motu proprio reforms - and then see that they are implemented.  Be Pope.


  1. maybe its just me but can you really ask Francis to be Pope when he clearly has a different view on what that means in the first place? With the news about some trying to rid the church of celibacy, with the plane talk on remarried receiving communion...this can get ugly to pray and leave it to the Holy Ghost to do the busy take, but Im with you on the pandering

  2. Part of me agrees--the very traditional part, I guess, which is a pretty hefty chunk.

    Then I start wondering about the anecdotal evidence that Francis and his simpler ways are bringing Catholics back to the Church, luring them into the confessional, and repairing some of Her tarnished image among non-Catholics.

    Because he is accessible, he's not acting like a Pope? Because he eschews the finery, he's not acting like a Pope?

    Seems to me he's acting more like Christ than a Pope.

  3. It is not my intention to disparage the Holy Father - my criticism stems from how these matters are reported and used to cast aspersions on others. If reforms are to be made and implemented, then it should be done officially, not by media reports and interpretations of what the word 'triumphalism' means.

  4. Leading by example vs. leading by fiat

    (No pun intended.)

  5. Yes Thom, that worked so well with the last Pope. ;)


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