Friday, September 13, 2013

In the battle for chastity...

This man always writes well...

The author of the blog, Letters to Christopher posted a couple beautiful quotes from the gentle Doctor, St. Francis De Sales, which he offers as encouragement for those who struggle ...
A passage I read tonight from the good Doctor of the Church reminded me of my own thoughts where I compare my battle for chastity with a child beginning to learn to walk. I wrote recently that,
like a Father observing a child who stumbles over and over again when learning how to walk, I’m convinced God delights in the moments when we stand and walk, and realizes that stumbling and falling is a necessary part of the process.  If there’s a barrier in our way that causes us to stumble, we need to trust that God knows all about it, and knows us better than we know ourselves, which is exactly why He allowed it, because He knows we need some obstacles in our way in order to lean on Him.  He knows the places where we always tend to trip, and knows that eventually, with his guidance, we will learn to step over them.

In a letter to an Abbess, dated 14th May 1620, St. Francis urged her to not be too hard on one of the novices in the Abbey.  St Francis writes:
But look you, my dear daughter, you are a little too severe with her, this poor daughter: you must not give her so many reproaches, since she is a daughter of good desires. Tell her that as unstable as she may be she must never be disheartened nor be vexed with herself; let her rather regard Our Lord, who from the heights of heaven regards her, as a father does his child when the child as yet quite feeble can hardly take its steps, saying; gently now, my child: and if it tumble he encourages it, saying: he is up again, he is very good, do not cry–then he goes up to it and gives it his hand.  If this daughter be a child in humility, and know well that she is a child, she will not be astonished at a fall; besides she will not fall from a great height. - Stumbling and Picking Yourself Up

Read the entire post, as well as this man's blog.  Unlike me, he speaks gently, compassionately and patiently  on issues related to living with same sex attraction.

Many people give up on chastity, one blogger recently wrote about his struggle, expressing doubts he'll ever reach a point of continence.  I say, never give up.  "A saint is a sinner who keeps trying."  What seems impossible in your teens and 20's - okay, 30's and 40's  - gets better.  If you don't give up, that is.  The falling and rising, the victories and defeats is the way of holiness.  At each and every fall, Christ is there waiting to lift you up.


  1. Excellent stuff. Right up there w/you, Ter.


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