Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Charlie Rose and Assad

I couldn't wait for the interview, only to find out it wasn't Audrey Assad he was sitting down with.


Seriously - I have little idea who Audrey is - I just see her name on Catholic blogs.  I know she's a singer, but I'm fairly certain I'm not into that kind of music.   Call me old fashioned, but once you go black you can never go back. 

So anyway - and very seriously.

I watched the Charlie Rose interview with Syria's leader.  I'm not sure what to think.  It was one of the few times I wasn't happy with Charlie Rose.  I'm indifferent as regards Assad.

I just do not think it is necessary to bomb the country to punish the leadership.  How can we who massacre our own children in the womb, justify such an attack.

I'm against it.

Good news here:
The Syrian government supports a proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control as a way to avert a Western military strike, Syria’s prime minister said Tuesday.

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  1. "How can we who massacre our own children in the womb, justify such an attack."

    Amen. Obama appealed for support by saying "gas attacks" offend human dignity. What is human dignity to a man who organizes to kill children for money and political power?


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