Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Now this is good art....

"Virgen renacentista" - Aristides Artal
I just discovered this painter at the Deacon's Bench.  Deacon Kandra posted an image of St. Joseph the Worker by Artal for today's feast day.  I like his work very much.  Artal's Madonna has natural golden hair...
Aristides is a master.


  1. That is absolutely stunning.

  2. I love the Magnificat covers. The latest is a painting by Pierre Marie Dumont called Can't We Dream. It's a beautiful depiction of Mary in a diaphonous white gown holding baby Jesus. She's standing on a staircase. It's beautiful!

  3. I would love to sit in front of it for a very long time.

  4. His paintings are beautiful. He might have some connections with Opus Dei since he painted the portraits of St. Jose Maria Escriva and Bp. Alvaro de Portillo.


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