Monday, April 29, 2013

Nudity in the Borgia Apartments.

Experts amazed!  "This pre-dates Theology of the Body!"  "Naked ...  men!"

Vatican City, April 26 - What appear to be the first depicted images of Native Americans have been found in a painting by Italian artist Pinturicchio at the Borgia apartments in the Vatican after a recent renovation, Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has reported. Experts, including Vatican Museums Director Antonio Paolucci, believe a detail in the artwork refers to the natives explorer Christopher Columbus found when he travelled to the New World for the first time. Paolucci points to a detail contained in fresco of the Resurrection that was made clear by work carried out by art restorer Maria Pustka. ''Just behind the Resurrection, behind a soldier who is enthralled by the incredible event he is seeing, you are able to discern nude men wearing feathers who appear to be dancing,''  - Source

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