Monday, April 29, 2013

St. Peter Martyr

Today is the feast of one of my patrons, the great Dominican martyr, St. Peter of Verona.

St. Peter was canonized just one year after his martyrdom by Cathar assassins.  As a young boy I was deeply impressed by his story - his head split open by an ax, he began writing the creed in his blood on the ground.  I was so thrilled by his heroism, that I pricked my fingers several times so that I had enough blood of my own to write Credo on a piece of paper, which I then gave to Our Lady.  Peter's story here.

It is also the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, another saint I seem to have always been devoted to.  I enlisted her patronage when I was little mainly because my family always made fun of me and criticized me for my piety.  In my naivete I likened my situation to Catherine's, who endured great opposition from her family for her determination to consecrate her life to Christ. 

As is obvious, I never measured up to either saint, but I hope they will remember me now and pray for my conversion.  I also hope Our Lady kept that piece of paper.

Happy feast day!

Art: Circle of Bernardino Cesari (Arpino 1571-1622 Rome)
The Martyrdom of Saint Peter of Verona

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