Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pope's Daily Mass

Notice the orans position of the people.

Mass with the workers.

You know what worries me about this?  That VIPs and nuns are going to horn in on Santa Marta, try to get the best seats, and knock the workers and common folk out of the chapel.  They do that in Rome.  The other day the Mother Tekla Brigittines were right up front...  Mother Tekla is reported to exercise considerable influence in the Roman Curia.

Poor Francis maybe will have to move to a poorer chapel to avoid the ambitious and influential.


  1. In Padre Pio's early-morning Masses, the people would run wildly to get to the front, pushing people aside. It was quite a spectacle!! God bless. RosaMaria.

  2. I appreciate you pointing out that Vatican radio site where summaries of the Pope's daily homilies are posted - like today's:

    This is quite a gift and joy.

  3. When I visited St. Rita's basilica in Cascia I saw traffic barriers set up around the approach to the altar. The friar who was conducting our tour told us it was because of the way the Italians rush up to the altar at Holy Communion. The barriers force them to line up in an orderly fashion. I think Pope Francis is sufficiently tuned in that if he saw the common folk being shoved out of the way, he'd say something about it.

  4. I'm kind of joking with this post - when I've been in Rome the nuns do try to be up front to greet the pope - and some of them can kind of squeaze themselves forward to the barricades. I'm just laughing with them.


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