Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eduardo Verastegui and Pope Francis

"Don't forget about the young people!" - Pope to Eduardo

Eduardo Verastegui on meeting the Holy Father:
The actor said that meeting Pope Francis was “awesome,” because he was able to speak to the Holy Father in his native language.

“We firmly connected with each other from the start,” Verastegui said. “I wanted to say a million things to him, but there wasn’t enough time. I asked him to pray for us and for the apostolate of making films to heal hearts.”

He asked the Holy Father if he could sidestep protocol and give him a hug.

“He told me, ‘Of course!’ I hugged him and he gave a few pats on the back and whispered, ‘Pray for me!’ And he gave me his blessing. It was a very magical moment for me.” - Padre Steve has the full story here.
No stranger at the Vatican, Eduardo shown here
meeting Pope Benedict XVI


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