Friday, April 19, 2013

Archbishop Nichols attacking Catholic blogs now, huh?

Well, at least he wears pretty vestments.

Catholic bloggers demand respect.

Recently Archbishop Nichols mentioned in a homily sentiments he extrapolated from a commentary on the daily readings Pope Francis made a few days ago, wherein the Holy Father referenced complainers and gossips.  The Archbishop repeated what the Holy Father said about the behavior - the habit of complaining and gossip, "they should have no place in the Church.”  Enlarging upon that thought, the Archbishop pointed out that gossiping and complaining is what 'sell newspapers and attract us to blogs'.  Consequently the Archbishop is cuurently accused of attacking Catholic bloggers.

That wasn't how I read what the Archbishop said.  I don't know the situation in the UK or the relationship Catholic laity have with the Archbishop, so perhaps there is more to this story.  (Blog post here)

I find the reaction rather amazing however.  A few American bloggers come to mind, those who seem to specialize in calling out the American hierarchy.  Obviously, in this matter with Nichols, the bloggers currently complaining about his remarks, aren't aware of the venom which frequently boils over in com boxes and on blogs... by Catholics of every persuasion.   Often by writers full of  that 'morbid disposition for argument and verbal dispute' St. Paul cautioned Timothy about.  Giving no thought to the added danger to souls, which Fr. Z pointed out so well in his post on the subject: "He who by listening to detraction encourages it actively or passively sins equally with the detractor."

That said, so many bloggers seem to think all of this is just fine - for themselves, that is - since the 'state of emergency' the Church finds itself in.  Really?  Anyway, they in turn act so surprised and go on the defensive whenever there is the slightest challenge thrown their way.

I did a tour last night of a few blogs and their com-boxes, watched a video, and was somewhat appalled.  Hate cannot overcome hate. 
"If you think you are standing, be careful lest you fall." - St. Paul 

I know for certain I have deserved rebuke for the things I've written.  God forgive me.

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Here's one:  If a Catholic prelate condemns a publication, does anyone care? 

Action alert:
Catholics must defend themselves
against the Bishops who seek to silence them!



  1. Speaking of complainers... see tomorrow’s Gospel reading (John 6 : 60-69).

  2. I'm pretty sure a lot of the more critical bloggers and their following really are attracted to gossip. Most people want to find out the "real deal" about people, especially about people in charge. I think Archbishop Nichols is absolutely right if you look at the actual words he said, and without a hermeneutic of suspicion towards the hierarchy. I certainly didn't read it as an attack on bloggers any more than real journalists look at it as an attack on newspapers. It's absolutely right to steer clear of gossip in the blogosphere. Just calling it news doesn't make it news.

  3. "Catholic bloggers demand respect"

    They should try a little harder at earning it.

  4. I don't get what the kerfluffle is about-- a bishop can have an opinion about blogs too. He just hasn't found the good ones yet (yours and Elena's). But I tell ya, that mitre is gorgeous!!

  5. Ha! I thought the same thing about the mitre.

  6. Next thing you know, there are going to be limits on assault vestments.

  7. I suppose CMN would have a stronger case against Nichols' point if it didn't have a commenter endlessly perseverating on the oh-so-clever wit of referring to him as "arsebishop". It does rather do the job of illustrating the toxic culture of the blogosphere.


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