Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's the difference between sprinkling and spraying holy water?


The pro-life activist who was arrested for sprinkling holy water on the sidewalk was really spraying pro-abortion activists with holy water from a spray bottle.  That's why she was arrested.  She was spraying a person using a spray bottle, that person had no idea what it was, they didn't ask to be sprayed, they aren't friends or acquaintances of the woman doing the spraying, they aren't members of her family, and she spritzes them.  They probably do not even believe in the efficacy of holy water... 

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A short video released Thursday appears to show pro-life demonstrator Joyce Fecteau spraying several pro-choice supporters with liquid from a squirt bottle.

The incident took place Dec. 22 outside Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives on Madison Street. Fecteau was charged with misdemeanor harassment after one of the people sprayed, Lisa Cox, swore out a warrant against her.

In a Monday interview, Fecteau told the squirt bottle contained holy water blessed by a priest. She said she sprayed it because a member of the pro-choice group was burning a "noxious material" that she'd been warned by doctors not to inhale.

Pro-choice organizer Pamela Watters said the five members of her group who were sprayed on or near the face had no idea what was in the bottle. It could have been ammonia or bleach, she said. - Finish reading here.
Or acid.

Fine, if the woman wants to be arrested to make a point - but it isn't much different than what so-called dissident nuns do when they trespass at the US Army School of Americas protests.  Really, it's not.  Oddly enough - they are both pro-life acts of protest too.




  1. ... gee, isn't it sad that even with the 'Catholic' press ya gotta wait to get the 'real' story, that it 'truth' cannot be told with the first go-round. It certainly doesn't sound like it was very 'respectful' of the others to be doing such physical spraying. Bad behavior.

  2. I saw the arrest video and immediately thought something was wrong. The video looked doctored. I figured I'd wait to see what really happened. If it's true she was spraying people, she's lucky someone didn't flatten her.

  3. I worked in religious book store and there were customers like her - very nice, dedicated people. I'll bet she thought, "What's the big deal? It's just water." And, "The reaction to the holy water was Satanic."

  4. The problem is that she was assaulting people with an unknown substance. I've been tempted to sprinkle people with holy water but was afraid it would turn to steam...

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    At first glance, it does look like she is spraying water everywhere, but as I looked closer, I realized it was smoke and not water. It looks to me like she is spraying the large smoking stick, then she sprays towards the street. The arrest video is choppy because it is a compilation of 5 or 6 videos that were taken by the pro-abortion demonstrators. The video is not edited, just combined. The original ones have since been listed as private by the original Youtube poster, so you can't watch them to compare.

  6. Anathalee Sandlin9:12 PM

    I'm the person who took the videos of the arrest. They were, indeed, combined by someone to make the video but nothing is missing. I shot a series of short videos because I was having trouble uploading long ones. I want to point out a couple of things...first, during the arrest, the pro-choice people were silent. It was not a time to rejoice. As to the spraying of the water and subsequent arrest...neither of the two people who have obtained a warrant for harassment against the woman were carrying anything. The woman holding the smudge stick hasn't yet filed any charges. The woman with the spray bottle sprayed at least four women other than the one holding the smudge and that was why warrants were issued for her arrest. It's a FACE violation to attack a clinic escort in any way. And then there's the question as to why the woman was even carrying the smudge to begin with....because the section of the sidewalk under permit for the pro-choice protestors require that they pass the anti-choice people to get there.


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