Thursday, January 17, 2013

The French War in Mali. The Hostages in Algiers. Security Tightened in Paris.

While we are preoccupied with our gun rights.

The headlines I've used for this post might be missed by many of us in the U.S. these days.  I pulled the following from Paris Daily Photo:
I don' t know if you've been following the French news (which happen to be international news too!) recently you know that we have been "invited" by Mali to fight Jihadists in the North of the country. The "war", as the news channels now call it, has started and consequently we fear retaliation in France. That's why as of Monday, if you walk down the streets of Paris, you will see soldiers everywhere, and especially in busy areas or Paris landmarks (like on the Champs Elysées, where I took this photo yesterday - Wednesday). Your bag will also be searched in most stores. - Eric Tenin
Prayers for France and our friends in Europe. 


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