Monday, January 14, 2013

Menace to Society: Elderly woman arrested for sprinkling holy water on the sidewalk...

Story here.


  1. My son and I have stood outside this place with Mrs. Fecteau on many a Saturday mornings. The thing that kills me about this video is how quiet the "counter-protesters" are. Usually they are scraming, blasting music, playing tamborines, and shaking some kind of big rattle that I refer to as a which stick when we pray. They have called the pro-lifers all kinds of profane names, they dance when they get a car in the parking lot and when pro-lifers try to talk, they scram "pro-choice," put signs in front of the pro-lifers signs and faces. All that, and yet she is the one being arrested. A travesty indeed!

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Here is a more typical video of their behavior-

    Clinic Escort with Handcuffs


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