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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polish priest and the rite of initiation for children....

... I found this in my spam box, sent to me by my friend Thom.

It is one in a series of photos showing school kids licking whipped cream off the knees of the parish priest/headmaster of the school.

The images - which are apparently part of an 'initiation ceremony' at Salesians High School in Lubin, southern Poland - show both male and female 13-year old pupils taking part in the bizarre practice.

Father Marcin Kozyra, who is also the school's principal, has defended his actions by saying such ceremonies for first year pupils have been an annual event for many years. - Read more here. 
I wonder what Paris Hilton would say?  I read somewhere she is Catholic and something of a moralist lately.  Don't let Novus Ordo watch see these photos. 


  1. Someone needs to tell this priest that perversion ain't one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  2. there must be something wrong with this school if they think that's ok.... they are only little kids... Jesus will be looking down and crying


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