Thursday, September 27, 2012

Patheos watch: The Catholic literati.

They've got Dawn Eden now!

The thrill of the chased and captured - thanks to Ms. Scalia the predator editor.

Very seriously, congratulations Patheos bloggers - you are the creme de la creme of Catholic bloggery!

Truly, some of the best writers online can now be found on the Catholic portal at Patheos.  Many of the writers are respected, published authors, while the others may well find themselves published one day as well.  Writers need a place like that, and it's not a bad place to be.

That said, my sincere best wishes.  As the responsorial psalm of the day concludes, my prayer for them is: "Prosper the work of their hands!"  I wish them well.

Dawn's new site:  East of Eden, oops!  Feast of Eden.


  1. Thrill of the crack me up!

  2. I seriously can not read those people. Seriously!

    1. The Deacon's Bench is my go to blog for news stories - sort of like Fr. Z - they post religious news that interests me.

      I miss Kat there and hope she comes back - but there is life outside this medium - so I hope she enjoys herself. She was always my funny lady - along with Cathy and Angela of course.

      I check out the others as well - and I like how Elizabeth Scalia hi-lites them in her posts - making it convenient to link to the other sites.

      I'm fine being the outsider to all the different Catholic portals.

  3. Terry: You are a good egg. I want to thank you for your kindness over the years.

    1. Omigosh - and YOU! I read you all the time - how'd I forget to mention it?

      Thanks Mark!

  4. Oh that's too bad. Patheos seems to drain all the fun out of bloggers.


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