Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fr. Z Before the Inquisition

Actually he is just visiting Rome.

But listen to this - or read it.  Last night I posted about Giordano Bruno, the man who was burned at the stake by the Holy Office in 1600.  The post was scheduled to publish at midnight though I composed it much earlier.  Low and behold, today Fr. Z does an article about the trial of the century at the Vatican (it's a really small place - city-state - so news stories just seem big).  Anyway, the news item Fr. Z links to mentions the Inquisition and Giordano.  I know!  My post was already in queue for today, way before Fr. Z even got up this morning - on the same guy!  I originally wanted to connect my post to Fr. Z's Swimming the Tiber Tour, but didn't know how to work it in.  I know!  It is so spooky how much Fr. Z and I are on the same wave-length.  I bet it is more spooky for him than me however.

So here's the deal - story - err, connection:
There has been no such vote of confidence for the Vatican’s onetime Congregation for the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition, [?!?] the commission created in 1542 that functioned as a tribunal to root out heresy, punish crimes against the faith and name Inquisitors for the church. [Just in case you didn't catch that whole "Inquisitor" thing, she made sure to repeat it.]

One of its more famous victims was Giordano Bruno, burned in Rome in 1600 after being tried for heresy. [From this stupid trial to Giordano Bruno? Really?]

The Inquisition? That’s the lead? That’s the closure? - WDTPRS
The Inquisition - that's my connection too!  This stuff happens to me all of the time.  Most Catholic bloggers pick up their stories from me because I'm so far ahead of the breaking news items.  Patheos would be lost without me.



  1. He never links to your posts because he doesn't want to give away his source.

    1. and that's okay with me. I don't need the accolades.


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