Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trial of the Century... The Pope's Butler...

Witness for the Prosecution:
The Pope's housekeeper,
Sr. Priscalina Guffensphincter
is slated to take the stand on Tuesday.

Fr. Z is in Rome too ...

I know!  The trial of the century is taking place in Rome today as I am writing this - and Fr. Z is in Rome as well - don't tell me there is no connection.  (Did you ever wonder who he works for?)

Fr. Z is publishing daily coded reports, pretending to write about Vatican II and the discussion no one can stop - you don't have to be a Zagano or Opus Dei operative to know there is more to the story than what Fr. Z is offering, and the garbage CNA dishes out (CNA is now under the control of EWTN News and that madman, Mother Angelica voice-impersonator, Ray Pee-Wee Arroyo):
.- The trial of the Pope Benedict XVI’s former butler began this morning at the Vatican as the 46-year-old Paolo Gabriele faced charges that he stole confidential Vatican documents.

Gabriele made no plea and remained silent throughout his appearance before a panel of three judges in the Vatican courtroom on Sept. 29. Wearing a light grey suit, eyewitnesses say Gabriele’s demeanor varied from tense to jovial.

The hearing lasted for just over two hours before being adjourned until Tuesday, Oct. 2. The trial could be dealt with in as little as four sessions.
It's going to get ugly.

Today the court decided that the trial of Gabriele would only admit evidence amassed by the Gendarmerie but not material gathered by the cardinals.  The news was greeted with protests and jeers by traditionalists standing outside the court.


  1. Pee-Wee Arroyo! LOL! I nearly Pee-Wee'd my pants!

  2. Oh! I missed that!

    How funny would it be if Raymond Arroyo wore a grey suit and a red bowtie on his show one night, and then just did the show normally.

    The secret word is "irregularity!"

  3. Is that picture of Joan Collins from a movie, or from that trial where she passed out on the stand? Something to so with a palimony lawsuit?

    1. Donald - it is from a trial episode from Dynasty - I think she was a surprise witness and it may have even introduced her character, Alexis, to the series. I can't recall the exact circumstances - but she did a show stopping entrance into the courtroom outfitted like she is in the photo. I was hoping more people would have asked about it.


  4. Wasn't there something to do with the term "passionflower" that made her pass out?


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