Friday, September 14, 2012

I guess Brad Pitt threw his mother under the bus.

Or why should I care what celebrities think and say?

Why do we care?  What does it matter?  As Hurricane Isaac approached, Ellen Barkin quipped, “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC"  So?

Brad Pitt supports gay marriage.  Yeah?  His mother doesn't.  So?  Jolie's dad supports Brad's mom.  So?  Angelina and Brad once said they wouldn't get married until everyone who wants to get married can do so.  That worked, huh?  No one is under that bus BTW.

Futhermore.  I once said if you allow gays to get married then everyone is gonna want to do it.  I said it first, Elizabeth...

Which reminds me, The Anchoress claims she did.  Kind of.  Then she tries to credit/pump stats for Fr. Longenecker with the Hollywood director story about how men and goats should be able to get married.  Of course Mark Shea is credited with the Cassavetes endorsement for incest - as if he originated it.  Excuse me!  I'm the one who rewrote the Brady Bunch script with everyone jumping into bed with one another after gay marriage gets approved!  So yes.  I'm the one who said: "If you legalize gay marriage, then everyone is going to want to get married."  Although, truth be told, I was actually thinking cohabiting heterosexual couples might be inspired to do so.  What?

Seriously folks - the film people telling you this crap are Hollywood personalities - they are just celebrities.  If anything, they are voice-overs for popular culture.  They live in Gaga-land.  Many of them already live amoral lives to begin with, and they have absolutely no civic or moral authority to change anything more serious than their hairstyle.  These folks are totally dependent upon ratings and fan-based approval.  If they are religious at all, they are probably Scientologists or something New Age - and yet we reprint their statements on this or that as if they make any difference.  Michael Jackson was way ahead of them and look how much he influenced music and dance - and that's about all.

My sister and her family support gay marriage and think I'm mind-controlled by the Catholic Church for opposing it.  Who cares?  Believe me - no one is under the bus.  Crap, there isn't even a real bus.

I'm starting a new category for my blog:  Patheos-watch.  Watch 'em go pick up some Hollywood chick to blog for them now!  It could happen.  What?


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