Friday, September 14, 2012

Acton Institute President, Fr. Robert Sirico on Raymond Arroyo 'World Over Live' last night.

Fr. Sirico is a regular guest on Arroyo's news hour.

I'm always surprised by that, considering Fr. Sirico's history.  Yes, I believe a man can change.  And yes, I believe men do change.  By the grace of God.

Which makes me wonder if EWTN will eventually cut ties with Fr. Sirico too?  I also have to wonder what Fr. Regis Scanlon might say about Sirico's ordination?  Finally, is the Acton Institute Catholic?*

*It's not.


  1. My morning paper was patiently waiting for me at 5 AM. to present front page, below-the-fold news that things are still nuts, and may get even nuttier.

  2. That a priest spends his time with a pursuit such as "Acton" is a scandal.

    1. Acton caught Fr. Z's attention speculating on how religious sisters invest their money:

      "I think it would be fascinating to see what corporate stocks are held by the community of Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, or of Sr. Carol Keehan, DC."

      Who is stalking who? They love money, don't they.

  3. If something feels icky, it usually is. That's all I can say about the Acton Institute and its founder, who gets a curious pass from people like Arroyo. I can't worry about what others do and say. Like Peter when he stepped out of the boat, I have to keep my eyes on the Lord or I will drown.


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