Friday, September 14, 2012

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

It is a good day to renew your vows. 

The monastic fast begins today. 

In addition, many religious observe the anniversary of their profession this day, while new religious are received, or make their first or final profession as well.

Hail to you, Life-giving Cross!
Invincible standard of piety, gate to Paradise!
Support of the faithful and Rampart of the Church!
Through you corruption has been annulled
and the power of death has been vanquished and subdued,
and we have been lifted up from earth to heavenly realms.
Invincible weapon against demons, Glory of the venerable martyrs!
Our true adornment and Salvation from sorrow,
you have granted great mercy to the world.    -source

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  1. Love the painting, loved the Byzantine music ando so love this Feast day. When God began this conversion in me what joy I had upon the discovery of the beautiful hymn "Lift Hight the Cross". It brings me to tears now every time ;)A little Alphonsus Rodriguez in honor this great day...

    A little Jesus, Love of My Soul

    Jesus, love of my soul, center of my heart! Why am I not more eager to endure pains and tribulations for love of You, when You, my God, have suffered so many for me? Come, then, every sort of trial in the world, for this is my delight, to suffer for Jesus. This is my joy, to follow my Savior, and to find my consolation with my consoler on the cross. This is my happiness, this my pleasure, to live with Jesus, to walk with Jesus, to converse with Jesus; to suffer with and for Him, this is my treasure.

    Happy Feast Day, Terry :)

    Alphonsus Rodriguez


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