Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Where's Waldo" Catholicism.

You see, it isn't looking for Catholics in the public square that is so all important, but recognizing Christ in others.*

In mercy you have seen fit today to show me, poor as I am, how we can in no way pass judgement on other people's intentions.  Indeed. by sending people along an endless variety of paths, you give me an example for myself, and for this I thank you.  - St. Catherine of Siena
"I say to you, you must forgive, not seven times - but seventy times seven times." - Mt. 18: 21-19 

*I just made that up.


  1. "You see, it isn't looking for Catholics in the public square that is so all important, but recognizing Christ in others."

    Sometimes Terry , you remind me of Gandhi ( A Roman Catholic traditional version of course)!

    1. Haha! I wear more clothes.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I know where weirdo "Catholicism" is.

  3. That was a good meditation this morning but I had to read it a few times. I'll have to read it again this evening.

    I also saw this today on facebook:

    Excellent advice for my daily meditation:
    The friars are to speak evil of none (Tit. 3:2); there must be no complaining, no slander; it is written, "Whisperers and detractors are people hateful to God" (Rom. 1:29). And let them be moderate, showing all mildness to all men (Tit. 3:2), without a word of criticism or condemnation; as our Lord says, they must give no thought even to the slightest faults of others (Mt. 7:3; Lk. 6:41), but rather count over their own in the bitterness of their soul (Is. 38:15).

    Saint Francis of Assisi
    THE RULE OF 1221
    Chapter 11

  4. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Weird ass Catholicism.


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