Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public art.

I wanted to write a story titled "Peeing in Assisi" and while searching for a photo, I came across the photo of a public fountain by famous Czech artist and sculptor David Cerny.  I decided to forget the  story and just run the photo.

Don't be pissed at me.


  1. The pissing statues are in front of the Kafka Museum in Prague. If you got the photo from Flickr (aw_small) or a site linked to it, I'm the photographer. I know I took a picture of them (who wouldn't?) but don't remember exactly from what angle.

    1. Andrew - if you click on the hi-lighted name of the artist you will see where I got the photo from. If it is yours - it's a cool shot. Thanks.

  2. Judging by the colour of the pond, these 'gentlemen' have significant kidney problems.

  3. so tacky i love it.

  4. People are always stealing my ideas for sculpture!

    By the way ,the oddly shaped basin those two gentlemen stand in is in the shape of the Czech Republic.


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